It's time to get to know Cambodian Food AND TRY OUR KHMER COOKING CLASS

We are here to serve you authentic Khmer food and also help you to know about Khmer culture of dining as well as teaching you a few of popular, best known of our cuisines. 
Come on in and you will be surprised!!!

Authentic Khmer Food

We cook Khmer foods the same ingredients and recipes that is done by our locals. So we can guarantee the real tastes of Khmer dishes. Our team visits the markets everyday to source the fresh ingredients everyday.

Papaya Salad
Best Thai Food

We have many Thai popular dishes in our menu that is cooked with our experienced Thai Chef. From Fish Cake to Phad Thai, our chef make sure that the ingredients and preparation is as original as possible.

Khmer Cooking Class
Cooking class

When in Cambodia, why don't you learn to cook a few Khmer dishes? Romchong chefs is willing to share some secrets in making few Khmer famous and delicious dish such as: Fish Amok, Mango Salad, Beef Lok Lak...

outside catering siem reap
meeting or Outside catering services

Romchong team also have experiences in arranging the food, beverage and service to your house, villa for any special events or private events. We also have a private aircon room here for your private dinner or meeting